Technology Training Can Be Your Ticket to a Successful Internet Business


When you write an e-Book you can sell it to people all over the world and that’s a great thing!  The only problem is, how do you learn all of the technology you need to make that happen? In my own case, I have a lot of information to share that helps people become pain-free and writing is not the hard part for me.  The hard part is the technology.

Let me repeat:  The hardest part for me has been–and still is–the technology.

Three years ago I took a seminar from a wonderful person who said I would have my website up that weekend.  And that was true.  Kind of. I did leave with a page on the Internet.  But, I didn’t know how it got there, how to fix it, how to attach it to anything, what to do next or anything else.  Basically, I knew nothing more than when I arrived but I did have a page on the Internet.  I guess.

All of the classes I’ve taken didn’t come cheaply.  I’ve spent a LOT of money but really hadn’t learned what I needed to know.  I paid a pretty penny to a few people who said they would teach me “everything” I needed to know.  But they didn’t.  There were gaps.  So I learned a bit here and a piece there. You know what?  It’s really hard to connect all the dots if you’re not a “techie.”

So, how can you get the technology training you will need to develop a successful Internet business writing and selling e-books?

  • Look for a trainer or mentor who has a successful Internet business doing what you would like to do–selling e-books or other digital information products.
  • Look for one who understands all of the technology necessaries and can do it or does it himself.
  • Make sure that person has the ability to teach what they know.  Especially in the technology field, lots of people are very good at what they do but not so good at being able to share that information.

There is a saying that success leaves footprints.  To ensure that I can be successful it makes a lot of sense to me to be taught by someone who:

  • Truly knows the subject matter I need to know.
  • Does what I want to do and is earning a good living doing it (not just from teaching.)
  • Knows how to teach the technology skills to a non-techie like me.

There are a lot of people teaching e-book writing skills.  There are a lot of folks teaching technology.  It has worked best for me to be a student of those who can do–and teach–both skills well.  They are out there.


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